Peaceful Warriors - Gentle Yoga for Parents of Children with Special Needs
8PM on Monday, May 14, 2018 at Blue Sun Yoga in Lake Bluff


Lake Forest College Summer Programs, July 2018 Session
RELG 200: Topics: Yoga: Culture, Theory, and Practice
What is the history of yoga, from ancient Eastern religious origins to contemporary Western body culture? Taking a multidisciplinary approach towards the cultural, philosophical, and physical practices that we call yoga, we will analyze a range of media from written texts and documentary films to Instagram and reality television. We will spend three days each week in a seminar setting and once a week we will roll out our mats for a firsthand exploration of postures, meditation, and mindfulness. Topics will include colonialism, orientalism, and cultural appropriation in yoga’s history, a comparative analysis of the Eastern yogic subject and the Western modern subject, and their distinctive concepts of body, mind, and spirit. We will ask what a “yoga body” looks like, from Lululemon and yoga as a competitive sport to the body positivity and disability rights movements. We will also consider the emergent scientific discourse around yoga, meditation, and mindfulness.

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